Gatlinburg Mentalist: Bill Gladwell

Bill Gladwell performs a very unique stage act that involves a high level of audience participation. By involving audience members both on the stage and from their seats, Bill creates an experience that will be talked about and remembered for a very long time.

Head Case (sophisticated and thought-provoking) is sometimes viewed as true psychic ability, Bill is really using his skills as a hypnotist combined with NLP™, suggestion, psychology, directed awareness, and showmanship to influence people’s thoughts and actions. By reading unconscious signs of what a person is thinking, Bill is able to manipulate their decision-making process.

In short, Bill uses all five senses to create the illusion of a sixth.

A simple example, Bill may ask someone to concentrate on any landmark in the world. Without anything written down or said out loud by the person, Bill describes the location and names the landmark. Bill will stand in front of you and seemingly pull thoughts directly from your mind, predict what you’ll say before it comes out of your mouth, and read you like an open book; and when you think that what you just witnessed was the most amazing and unbelievable demonstration of true psychic ability, you’ll feel a sensation in your pocket. When you pull out your keys, you’ll find one or two bent with only a thought.

Bill has consistently stunned audiences across the nation with his live stage shows. Head Case is sophisticated and thought-provoking, and you will leave with an amazing, lifelong memory.

Bill strives to provide family-friendly entertainment that will exceed your expectations; and according to everyone who has experienced his shows, Bill is doing his job and doing it well. Check showtimes, and buy tickets online to experience the shows on your next trip to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains.

Head Case Rules

DISCLAIMER: Because of the crucial need for audience participation, Head Case performances that do not meet the minimum audience attendance often (10) will be cancelled. We will do our best to notify guests to any changes or cancellations two (2) hours prior to performance time. Because of changes due to ticket holders, sometimes last minute changes or cancellations are inevitable; and guests will be notified at the earliest possible time. If Head Case is cancelled, guests will be given the option to exchange their Head Case tickets for another performance date or receive a full refund. All guests must arrive and be in line by ten (10) minutes prior to performance time. Seating will begin at that time. If you arrive after the doors to the theater are closed, you run the chance that you will not be admitted. The performance runs approximately 75 minutes. Cell phones are allowed, but must be turned off or silenced at all times when entering the theater. You may take photos with your phone or camera throughout the performance. Video recording is never allowed.

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